Natural Beauty enhanced by Naite

Beauty Artist: Melenaite Taumoefolau; Image provided by: Naite

Naite’s impressive ‘gram piqued my interest to ask for more information about her inspiration and her background. As a Poly girl who did not touch make-up until much later in my adult life, I’ve always been envious of women who just seemed to, ‘have it’ when it came to tidying up their look especially with make-up. Naite’s images are gorgeous and reflect a Pasifika woman with edge, class and adventure. I reached out to this inspiring beauty creative/ artist to share more of her background and what inspired her to get into the magical world of make up.

1. May we have your full name & ancestral background? Where are your ancestors from & where were you born and raised?

My full name is Melenaite Caterina Taumoefolau, my background is Tongan and my ancestors are from Tonga as well. 
I was born in a small town in Victoria called Mildura which is also 45 minutes away from my hometown Robinvale where I grew up most of my life (Up until I turned 18 to be exact)

2. Did you have role models at an early age and/ or early inspirations?

As cliche as it may sound but it was and always has been my parents. Their strive and hard work ethic that they’ve instilled in my mind from watching them wake early hours of the morning just to make ends meet for me and my brothers. Going to work at 5am in the grape vines to their normal 9-5 jobs and some days even after that back out the grapevines. I think one of my favourite attributes about them is their heart, seeing them give without any expectations for anything back.

3. What inspired you to go into make up/ beauty industry?

I think me being the only girl of 5 always kept me curious, each of my 3 older brothers represented a different type of influence. I had a brother who always kept me on top of my cleanliness and made sure I was dressed well another who always told me I was beautiful (LOL) and of course one who always kept me humble by telling me I was ugly LOL! 

Growing up I always wanted to be a hairdresser but having strict parents who wanted me to put education first I pushed my own dreams aside by going to University straight after high school studying for a Bachelors in Youth Work.

Whilst going to school I got pregnant and after having my daughter and losing a cousin who was raised like a brother to me I made the conscious decision to make every moment in my life count and be an example to my daughter and chaise my real passion in the beauty industry. 

4. Have you faced any challenges so far as a Beauty Artist?

For sure trying to navigate through the beauty world without feeling like a minority and also the constant battle of going through ups and downs emotionally on your own. Its not easy trying to run your own business, be a mum, be a partner, have a social life and stay motivated. 

Wedding Party MUA: Face Beat by Naite; Image provided by: Naite

5. Your proudest moments/ achievements, so far?

Besides being a great mum it would have to be being that girl that just went for it. 

6. And goals you’d like to reach this year? or next year?

Well 2020 has definitely been a tough one for everyone so my main focus is only to become better and come back stronger! 

7. Advice for anyone that would like to break into the industry?

Just go for it, stay consistent and work hard. Whatever area of beauty you want to go towards takes practice and patience remember even the greatest in the industry started from the bottom. Make do with what you have and JUST START!!

8.  What do you want your legacy to be?

Self love, hard work and SELF BELIEF!! 

9. What are some of your favorite make up tricks? Personal favorite brands? Why?

Favourite makeup trick is using concealer as foundation lol I don’t actually have a favourite brand because I love different products from different brands for different reasons lol 

10. Any dream clients you’d love to work with? Why?

RHIANNA!! I just love her so much I always have and always will. She’s just EVERYTHING!! 

11. How can we stay updated on your journey?

Instagram & Facebook: @ facebeatbyNaite

Sincerely Naite xoxo 

Edgy flare with Naite; Image provided by: Naite