Lontessa delivers luxurious furs & lingerie with intention at NYFW SS20′

By: The Pasifika Fashionista
Fashion critic

Photo by: Oxford Fashion Studio

New York Fashion Week.

For Pasifika designers, the opportunity to showcase at such a prestigious event begs that our designers present an unforgettable collection.

For me, Lontessa delivered an impressive collection as I did not expect to see a lingerie line from the Lontessa brand-especially at NYFW.

After the very public downfall of the poorly progressive Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the world is now entirely enamored by the incorporative, risqué lingerie show by, ‘Savage Fenty’, and rightly so.

Lingerie is never just, lingerie.

The initial imagined concept of lingerie intended for the pleasure of another is now a symbol of empowerment as lingerie is now a luxury for ourselves. The real allure in women owning every part of creating lingerie means every woman is represented and celebrated for being herself. 

Lontessa’s collection, ‘The Hunter is now Hunted,’ paired every piece with deep brown gorgeous possum furs, all ethically sourced. Possum, according to the designer, is “a reckless invader and destroyer of New Zealand’s natural habitat.” The designer seems to have found an ethical way to feature animal fur on the runway, all while preserving native Maori flora.

Lontessa’s NYFW collection is accurate in the form of the brand’s message of sensuous feminine power and fashion consciousness. I enjoyed Lontessa’s venture into a world dominated by sexual fantasy to what was presented; natural essences, tones, realistic feminine qualities and quality sourced materials. I hope to see Pasifika models in Lontessa future shows. It would have been amazing to see Pasifika models in her lingerie, but we all start somewhere, and Lontessa has made a strong appearance.