The Glam Game w/ Nate Glamz!

Nathan Ulysses Meiwor AKA NateGlamz!

Chuukese beauty artist Nathan Meiwor is a groundbreaking social media presence with over ten thousand followers on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook combined forcing the world to recognize his talent and unapologetic attitude to anyone that may have an issue with his pride in being himself, no matter what labels people place on him.

“I’m a human, and that’s my platform. I want people to know that we are all humans and we shouldn’t be labeled by a pronoun, and so I identify as both, it does not matter to me what people refer to me as!”

We are so honored to feature Nate as our first beauty artist highlight to bring light to his incredible journey as a beauty artist and role in his and our community.

Q. Can we have your given name and background? Where your ancestors are from and where were you born and raised?

A. My name is Eddie Nathan Winis also known as NateGlamz and I am a HMUA (Hairstylist & Makeup Artist) from the beautiful Micronesian Island of Chuuk where I was born on an island called Tol/ Foupe.I was raised in Guam. 

Q . Did you have early role models and/ or inspirations?

A. I am just so full of mixed inspirations and so many role models that I look up to, but first and foremost, I have always looked up to my mother who raised me up as a single mother who worked multiple jobs in Guam to support and take care of me, with no means of transportation and no knowledge of the English language! She migrated to Guam from the island of Chuuk while I was still a toddler with no money and saved her money to bring me out to Guam as well for a better life for both of us! She lived such a hard life growing up and wanted nothing more than to make sure that I don’t live the same life she did.

The stories told to me by my grandmother about my mother were inspiring and sad because you could never imagine being in her shoes! My mother ran away from her abusive, cheating spouse (my father), carried me on her shoulders while walking neck-deep in the ocean to get from one side of the island to escape the abuse and the traumatizing life she had with my father. Then took a big risk and moved to a place where she faced culture shock and setbacks but still managed to bring me out from Chuuk and raise me herself. She shaped who I am today.

Q. What inspired you to go into makeup/ beauty?

A. I have always loved watching shows like America’s Next Top Model,  learning what not to wear and I loved watching the transformations so much that I knew I just had to be in the business. Growing up, I was often told that I was ugly from as young as 8 years old. Some members of my family made fun of me for having thin eyebrows, and for being ‘feminine’ and that made me want to transform my appearance. These experiences brought me to makeup and after being introduced to foundation from a dance teacher, I fell in love with how flawless makeup can make me look. 

Q. Have you faced challenges as a Beauty Artist? 

A. It has been a rough journey to get to where I am right now and trust me, I am not where I want to be, I still have a long way, but with that said, being a male MUA as a Micronesian, “IT’S BEEN HARD”. I’ve been called out on social media so many times by my own people because they say “makeup is for women” but really, if Patrickstarrr taught me anything, he taught me that “Makeup is one size fits all.” 

Q. What are some of your proudest moments/ achievements, so far? 

A. One of my proudest moments is celebrating where I am, now. I am truly living my dream: doing makeup for Polynesian artists, meeting them and getting to know them, it’s been such a thrill. Another achievement is having my first beauty collaboration with a Cosmetic Company and my first Eyeshadow Palette selling out on the second day of the launch! I’m also proud of being featured in the newspapers and news on TV and I will be featured in Lady Pasifika Magazine’s first Beauty/ Fashion issue this year.

Q. Do you have goals you’d like to reach this year?

A. This year I would love to travel more and meet my supporters aka FAMZ cause I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

Q. Advice for any males, especially Micronesian males who be interested in becoming a beauty artist? 

A. If I knew and believed that everything is possible back when I was a child, I would have accomplished so much more now. Never give up and believe in yourself, you can do anything you set your mind to. 

Q.  What would you want your legacy to be? 

I want people to remember that I was a boy from Chuuk who had nothing, came from no money or connections and now am well known by my community and the industry! I want to have helped my people of Chuuk as much as possible so that they know wasn’t a waste, I had purpose! 

Q. What are some of your favorite make up tricks? 

A. Omg, I don’t plan my makeup looks. I usually come up with a look as I go. It’s usually so much better when it’s unplanned! 

Q. Any dream clients you’d love to work with? Why?

A. Omg, I would love to do makeup for Cardi B! She has been my idol since I saw her on Love and Hip Hop! She and I have such similar personalities that it is so crazy! We don’t GAF what other people think of us, and we came from literally nothing, her music is amazing and I’d love to meet her.

Q. How can we stay updated on your journey? Any events you have planned in the future, or goals to travel and meet your fans?

A. You can follow me on Instagram, @nateglamz or Facebook “Nathan Ulysses Meiwor” 

I am planning on visiting Guam this summer, hopefully I get to stop in Hawaii to meet some of my FAMZ there and I have a few events I might be hosting including the 2019 Polynesian Cultural Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

We are also launching our NateGlamz Merchandise this year which has been highly requested by our supporters so I am very excited!***

Want to know more about this amazing Beauty Artist? Check out Lady Pasifika’s “The Fashion Issue” for Nate’s full coverage and story!