Fashion, For All

My 1st experience where I felt fashion “defined” me was in my middle school to early high school years. I was overweight, uncomfortable in my skin, awkward and felt that I ‘identified’ as a tomboy. I wore baggy clothes, shirts way too big for me, and didn’t feel I needed to ‘impress’ anyone w/ ‘fashion’ b/c of my insecurities.

That was my first understanding that something as simple as ‘clothes’ identified so much about me. The idea of fashion was a complete mystery as I was not confident to dress as I “wanted” to dress because of my body issues. I struggled for years to find my ‘style’, my ‘look’ and because I was a fan of so many different genre types-I didn’t let any ‘one’ look, define me.

I naturally gravitated towards the darker edgier side and grit of the rock/ punk scene because I felt I resonated very much with the philosophy of the genre: the underdog, the unsung heroes for social justice and equality for all. Although the rock/ punk scene was littered with images of drugs, sex and “rock n roll” I was drawn to the image of self-reliance, independence from popularity and honest brutal personalities.

With this I identified with this style for years as I felt it “defined” me. I thought “this is me” and I was proud to stand out. What I didn’t realize at that age was I was still struggling with what my true style was. Being a heavyset Polynesian-back then-there we’re only so many “looks” you could sport and I didn’t feel like I identified with was out there. So through the years I experimented, tried some new things/ looks and naturally found my way towards defining my style.

Now-here I am. Definitely me. I wear what I want-I wear what defines my personality, my mood always keeping my classic staples close. And through my obsession with fashion I realized this true passion was not in the “style section” or “newest trend” but in how I was not reflected in many of the trends I saw in magazines and on runways. Thus began my search for how I could identify with what was being created and how could I find designers/ beauty artists that I could identify with and reflected my experience in fashion, social issues, art, desires, love, pain, passion, etc. This site is an expression of my experience to what is happening in the world as far as social issues, hot topics, etc. and how fashion plays its part in all these things.

Fashion is such a vast and complex subject-more than most assume. It isn’t about just the glitz and glamour of Vogue, luxury brands, expensive photo shoots and branding-it exists in every fiber of our lives. And from here I wanted to create a platform where all could feel they could comment, express and / or discuss fashion in their everyday lives and how they experience fashion for fashion, is for all.