The Journey of Fashion in the Pacific

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It is an incredible time. Thanks to the world of social media, fashion is no longer a discreet, exclusive scene meant for the “IYKYK” crowd. Now, anyone can be involved in the fashion game and the Pacific has taken a commanding step into the world of fashion and beauty.

The world is only NOW catching on to the magic that has existed within the Pacific Islands when it came to style, ingenuity and natural talent. For Pacific Islanders, the use of pandanus leaves, the bark of the mulberry tree and coconut sennit are tools that were used by our ancestors as a means of survival in the islands.

The mainstream fashion industry is only now beginning to recognize the ingenious use of these natural resources and look to the use of these materials as worn and utilized by indigenous populations across the globe, especially those of the Pacific Islands.

Modern fashion has also made its’ way to the islands and with that, the interest in modern style has taken the islands by storm. A wave of fashion inspiration has hit our designers and the last ten years are an example of the incredible interpretation of what we have seen come through from the mainstream fashion scenes.

The most beautiful thing I am seeing right now is how our designers incorporate the beauty of our traditional practices within their collections. The spirit of our people are reflected in the designers’ collections: our struggles, our triumphs, our pain and our survival-is clearly reflected in the beautiful collections that are coming out of the Pacific.

The important issues concerning climate change, colonization and illegal occupation of our islands are showcased through the platform of “clothing”. What a stage to voice our concerns and our frustration with these issues that are impacting our islands!

But as much as designers from within the Pacific are inspired by the many issues facing the Pacific-they are also inspired by the beauty around us. We are inspired by our flora and fauna-but we are also inspired by outside perspectives, modern movement around the globe and what is trending on the mainstream runways.

I am excited about what is coming because 2019 is going to be another year of incredible fashion coming out of the Pacific. I am keen to see how our designers and beauty artists interpret what is happening in the mainstream and around the globe, on to our runways.

With much excitement,